Thursday, February 26, 2015

Michael Savage Brings Us His Version Of Show Biz Vanity: A Day In The Life Of A Progressive Hollywood Producer (Audio)

 THOSE OF YOU who have disdain for Michael Savage, the popular syndicated talker (heard here on KSFO --Monday/Friday Noon-3 PM) will probably not like this hysterically-funny 3-minute vignette. If so, you have no sense of humor and probably put sprouts on your sandwich and actually eat tofu.

Those of you that are fairly objective and like to laugh out load every so often will think this is brilliant--It is. Just LISTEN to it and appreciate it. Give it a try, c'mon I know you too well.

And you know what? I don't even necessarily agree with the premise but knowing people in the movie business and how they play it out, Savage's hysterical repertoire with the perfect tiny-bubble music in the background pretty much nails it.


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An Open Letter To Audrey Cooper, The New EIC Of The SF Chronicle

 Dear Audrey Cooper:

You're the new Editor-in-Chief of the SF Chronicle and you've been all over the place talking about a missive to make the Chron, its website, SFGate and all other platforms more entertaining, more compelling, more profitable. Makes sense, but there's more serious issues here.

I have a plan that should be at the top of your to-do list.

FIX!, immediately, the Gate. I mean, seriously, it is a royal pain in the tuchas to navigate.

And that's the easy part.

Look, I love getting Bay Area news, Ms. Cooper but I can't access the new site. It's like pulling hairs. I've had an easier time getting through Russian crossword puzzles with 12-letter words with no vowels. A Rubik's cube is easier to navigate --why the heck is SF Gate so damn horrid? In the old days, you clicked on links and you were able to read the story--now that chore is tantamount to climbing Mt. Tam with flip flops. Every time I try to go there, my computer freezes. It's relentless. I gave up. I can't subject myself to the torture and that really sucks because, Ms. Cooper, I really like the Chronicle. Hell, I even buy the print edition! That's loyalty.

So, please, give me and others the news and information we seek. Right now, you have an immense clusterphuck on your plate and you need to take care of business. Like now. Yesterday. I'm not alone. A lot of your partners are just as frustrated as I am. Now please, go do your thing.

Thanks in advance.

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Rich Lieberman
415 Media

Karel And the KGO Radio Blah, Blah, Blahs; The Day After

 Forget Karel.

Like the company, he's irrelevant --completely  insignificant when you consider the future. Besides, he's been down this road before. I'm surprised it took this long for him to get the axe and truth be told, he was about to be fired by a previous manager who disappeared, like they all do eventually.

It becomes only a matter of time that you get shown the door when you brag about filing for bankruptcy (which he did and tried to be cutesy about it)--weird.

You also don't endear yourself to the bosses when you utter f-bombs and smoke pot on the air --I'm not a prude but it's terrestrial radio. Karel obviously didn't get the memo. Too busy medicating probably.

Pat Thurston will now broadcast in Karel's Saturday slot from 7-10 PM --Sunday from 4-7 PM. Oh, KGO? Might be a good time to remove this--it's still up.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

415 Media Breaking: Karel Fired From KGO Radio; UPDATE: Memo From Mahanay; UPDATE 2: Karel Statement

 And just like that --he gone!

Karel was just let go by KGO Radio and is no longer working at the SF talk station effective immediately.

Several theories as to why. But I just got the news from my Hawthorne source.

*We'll update later as news trickles in.

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UPDATE: The memo that went out to staff earlier today (Wednesday) from Jim Mahanay, KGO manager--

"Good afternoon, We've made some changes in our weekend programming.   Effective this weekend John Batchelor will air from 10pm-5am Saturday. Kim Kommando will now air 7-10pm on Sunday. Karel is no longer part of our weekend programming.   We will be sending a new weekend schedule to everyone shortly." 

Thanks all, Jim--
Jim Mahanay

UPDATE 2:  5: 26 PM PT

Statement from Karel:

"KGO Radio has made the decision to sell their weekends to pay-for-play shows and fully syndicated shows in order to generate revenues. They are beginning this transition to paid programming by getting rid of me. Effective immediately, I will not be on KGO."

KPIX Hires Joe and Jennifer Montana as Super Bowl 50/ NFL 2015 Season Contributors

Montanas and KPIX KPIX, which has begun pubbing Super Bowl 50 about a split second after the last one, has hired Joe and Jennifer Montana as "contributors" for the station's 2015 "Super Bowl" coverage" --not coincidentally, CBS, which owns KPIX, carries the game next year which will be played at Levi's Stadium.

In both his playing and non-playing days, Montana wasn't exactly a sound bite waiting to happen; let's just say even when he talked he didn't say much of anything which was (and still is) pretty much OK with Bay Area sports fans who still place Joe Montana in the permanent HOF charm department. Which presumably is the reason why KPIX went out and according to my station source, paid through the roof for Montana's gridiron growls.

Oh, and it probably helped too that Jennifer Montana worked as a contributor for KPIX News in the late 1980's.

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KGO Radio Possibly Mulling Latest Serious Contender For PD


Name: Winkle Schminkmire --last-known address: underground parking garage at the Clovis, CA Walmart.

Likes: Shrimp chow fun (cold); old Dick Gautier movies; Adrian Barbeau tits close-up in Maude, pre-1973 episodes; any Dodge Dart--preferably automatic transmission; pictures of stray cats, short-sleeve shirts at Ross; Ritz crackers; the fake cheese food slices for $4.99 at 7-11; women on the radio who say "penis" 27 times in an hour.

Dislikes: Cold pizza; roller-coaster rides; people who like to say on the radio that they walked the red carpet; people on the radio that talk too much about arugula; people on the radio that talk about the Middle East; people on the radio that like to go out and eat lunch and post pictures later on their Facebook page; egg whites; women news reporters on the radio who like to emphasize the word, "I'm"

Word on the street: To impress the big suits, he said he'd stay, temporarily, at the South SF Airport Holiday Inn and buy his own coffee. Impressive.

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{h/t: Tom Ley/Deadspin}

Noise and Your Morning Breakfast Burrito On The Radio

Every day I get lots of e-mail complaining about radio in the Bay Area. "God, I can't stand what they've done! 'Too many damn commercials!"and so on and so on.

Someone asked about writing to the FCC. Don't bother. At best you'll get back a stale reply. Since deregulation the FCC basically went out of business. The public used to own the airwaves. The public be damned now. I don't know exactly what the FCC does these days.  Go after Howard Stern? That was yesterday.

What you have today is controlled chaos. Nobody is minding the store. Mediocrity is pervasive. Wait, mediocrity in today's environment would be welcome. Everything is for sale, programming be damned. Screw the listening audience! More commercials. Less content. Content? What the hell is that?! Morning noise. Lots of noise. Traffic. Noise. 18 thousand weather reports: cloudy in the morning, sunny later, non-stop. More noise. Updates from 24 hours earlier. Commercials. You know, if they keep this up eventually they're going to make all of us crazy. I've seen it happen up close and personal. Excuse me for interrupting, we have a traffic report and weather to announce: back-up on 880 and the Bay Bridge. More clear skies until March. Sprinkles might be in the offing, first on the 5's and 8's from our staff meter-rologist. Karz4Kids jingle jingle. More noise. Sound the Sleeptrain horn. Don't forget your temperpedic and Viagra. Time for some more traffic and weather together--wait, you have a tax problem? Call Steve Moskowitz. I hear he has amazing clout with the IRS. Enjoy your coffee. Just in: might be getting fog in the Central Valley today, Live long and Thrive! Live and local too.

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