Friday, June 24, 2016

Henry Lee and Frank Somerville on KTVU News at 5 PM; Fox 2 Theatrics in Jack London Square

videoThis exchange on Friday Night's 5 PM News is of KTVU Crime Reporter, Henry Lee, after a throw from Frank Somerville. Uh, someone forgot to bail out Henry and, well, just watch ...again, Fox2, the gift that keeps on giving.
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Mike Sugerman Leaving KPIX And Headed to NY But If You Believe The Reason You're Uninformed

 Mike Sugerman is leaving KPIX so, and this is his words, "to be closer to my son" (he lives in NY) Yeah, and if you believe that, I've got some oceanfront property in Walnut Creek to sell you.

Sugerman is not suddenly leaving the Bay Area --there's SO, SO much MORE to this story and yet, many of you are taking Sugerman's word as the gospel.


Sugerman is married to KCBS anchor, Janice Wright--he makes no mention of her. Think she's going to NY with him? Think again. (But there's overriding personal and professional reasons)

Sugerman has, shall we say, issues. Lots--personal and professional --we'll leave it at that. And CBS, you should know, doesn't like paying people a lot of money when they hit their sunset years. There's a ton of INSIDE material that we will bring you once the dust settles.

Somebody is Clearly Infatuated With Me at a Local TV News Station

Just be sure the boss doesn't catch you.

415 Media Exclu; Doom and Gloom in the Morning at PIX; 'There's No Direction Here'; 855 Battery Malaise; Friday Opener

 KPIX BLUES In the Morning

*Morning Show in "disarray" --rank and file staffer: "No faith in new guy" --that would be non-factor, Mr. Hawaii, Kenny Choi, who is liked but whose presence hasn't made a dent in ratings.

*Morning Show ratings freefall

*Michelle Griego: "We (staffer) don't 'trust her."

*"There's NO direction here," laments a senior producer who has the ear of the newsroom.

*A feeling that "management doesn't care about the situation."

*Familiar thought: "Where's BRUNO!? That would be GM, Bruno Cohen, who continues to be lost in translation.

*Troops try to carry on in spite of overall doom and gloom.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Good Guy; Great Consumer TV News Anchor Too; KGO-TV's MVP, Michael Finney; Veteran Circle7 Helps Those Ripped Off; A KGO Favorite

 I like Michael Finney quite a bit; in an era of simpleton local TV News and gimmicks galore, along comes the dignity and professionalism of a seasoned pro like Finney.

KGO-TV's veteran Consumer Affairs anchor/reporter brings peace and tranquility to people who've been scammed and ripped off by swindlers.

For his valuable (and very popular) daily series, KGO provides Finney with three full-time producers and a staff that numbers over 25. It may be excessive but it's also necessary; Finney is KGO-TV's MVP, at least in the viewer-friendly consumer news department. He's also a very likeable and non-pretentious news presenter in an environment that is clearly running in the opposite direction.

Finney maintains a growing legion of fans both in and outside the 900 Front Studios --and his talents don't go unrewarded --he's reportedly one of KGO's (ABC7) highest-paid specialty anchors at a reported $350K a year. Finney just re-upped too which is a good thing for Bay Area viewers and most especially, Circle7.

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Why I Flip-Flopped on Roberta Gonzales

 I HAVE A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF RESPECT FOR ROBERTA GONZALES...which makes it only further frustrating that I now have to call her out.

It hasn't always worked that way; time passes.

Gonzales has had some personal problems involving family; me too; this has nothing to do with family; everyone sooner or later has personal issues, welcome to the world of life.

I've flip-flopped on Roberta because I've become disgusted with her giddy, golly-gee-wiz persona --both on KPIX and most notably on her KCBS broadcasts.

They {the broadcasts}are obnoxious, self-absorbed and frankly, disgusting; they are not befitting of someone like Gonzales who should really know better. Her constant pandering and suck-ups smell of disingenuous central. The phony voice, the self-congratulatory gore--really Roberta? It's not something that sounds genuine --more like someone yelling out, "look at me, listen to me, me, me!"

There's no denying Roberta has a soft heart and big and heavy one too. Ripping her because of her grating style on the air does not take away how much time she spends on charity work; how many hours she gives to attend PTA meetings; her work with people with special needs is quite admirable; she doesn't make a big deal about it which only makes it that more impressive.

That all said, her daily radio bits with Stan Bunger stink to high heaven --they are highly irritating and cause quite a bit of angst to people that are listening. Bunger seems in on the ride which makes it all doubly irritating.

Roberta, do us all a favor: STOP the BS. It is beneath you. You're a gorgeous, stunning, smart woman who knows her weather. It's one thing to be enthusiastic it's another to sound quite annoying and you've climbed the mountain. You don't have to sound like a grating, irritating woman. Maybe that's your personality --maybe that's just what it is but I don't think so. I think you're trying too hard. I think you're pulling the Sally Field card, "YOU LIKE ME, YOU REALLY, REALLY LIKE ME." Well, not so much anymore.

Roberta, you still have a huge fan club and I've spoken to many people {mostly older men} who would give a week's paycheck to have lunch with you; that's probably not going to change over this current state, but there are those that are loyal to you that are beginning to lose patience. Enough of the fake voice. Quit the gory audio crap with Bunger. It doesn't sound good.

Trust me.