Saturday, March 25, 2017

Beautiful Woman Anchors ...Oh The Crime!

Image result for ama daetz hot WHY oh why is it a crime to say a woman is "gorgeous", "beautiful", a "classy" look? Specifically, why so if said woman was a TV News anchor?

I've never understood this.

Would it be bad if women complimented anchor men based on their looks? No way.

I'm sorry but last I checked, TV is a visual medium...v.i.s.u.a.l. I'm not saying intellect and moxie be axed, but looks do count, sorry if I offend you and apparently, many of you I do offend.

What about beauty, smart and graceful? Or am I just trying to camouflage what I really think. I think I'm rather clear. And to say I look at a particular anchorwoman without really checking her out, including her physical appearance would be truthful and thoroughly human and honest.

I rave about Ama Daetz. I think she's a beautiful-looking, striking actually, anchorwoman. Again, why is there an issue with her looks? Am I to be castigated for making such a statement? Hardly.

Some women check out male anchors too and they're not looking for intellectual prowess. Maybe that's not the PC thing to do but it's the truth. Men aren't the only purveyors. Whatever.

I'm going to be called a misogynist again and that's the farthest from the truth.

Friday, March 24, 2017

415 Media Exclu: Roqui Theus Leaving KPIX 'Morning Show'; Changes in April

Image result for KPIX Morning Show  I'VE TOLD YOU about troubles involving the KPIX Morning Show--a program beset with low ratings, uninspired talent and questionable direction. Not to mention a traffic anchor who is clearly beautiful to watch but can't cut it when she broadcasts.

Changes are coming to the CBS-SF morning program and from a source close to the action, it appears one change is imminent: Roqui Theus is all but gone.

Image result for Roqui Theus
Roqui Theus
Theus wasn't on the show both Thursday and this (Friday) morning in what may be a signal to her status. My source says she's leaving the program in April. It appears everyone else is safe, for now.

Michelle Griego is close to signing a new deal (if she hasn't already) as I predicted but not at the deal she was longing for.

Theus was seen as a bright, new, energetic personality with loads of potential but she was incapable of reporting without mispronouncing street and highway names, constantly flubbing her lines, and never living up to performing as basic a function as providing traffic updates for Bay Area viewers.

No word on who will replace her but PIX is searching around the globe.

Let's be clear too. Theus is not the only reason for the Morning Show troubles. Combine a lack of chemistry amongst the players; outsized egos; questionable direction and overall incompetence --other than that, it's a winner.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Reporter Exodus at KTVU Because of Bottom Line Fox

Image result for janine de la vega
Janine De La Vega
Image result for ted rowlands ktvu
Ted Rowlands
   First it was Ted Rowlands...wait, I forgot: Janine De La Vega too, who vanished from KTVU and is now at ABC7 (KGO-TV) ..Rowlands is headed to Chicago to apparently work in PR for a shoe company. Ouch!

Notice a trend? KTVU reporters are leaving the Oakland station in abundance. Some are the most tenured and talented too.


Because Fox-owned KTVU doesn't regard reporters as very important to the news platform, that's why. Therefore, most good reporters will leave and seek work elsewhere if they can get more money, or at least enough to make a living and garner respect. It's not just reporters but anchors too (see Rowlands) Fox simply won't pay other than those already under contract or those who will take the lean pickings because they love the Bay Area lifestyle and will work on the cheap. It works both way though: some can't afford the prices here and leave out of necessity.

Image result for Eric Rasmussen Ken Pritchett KTVU
Eric Rasmussen (l) and Ken Pritchett

Cate Cauguiran Source of Jealousy at KPIX; Rudderless at 855 Battery; Griego Still Uptight; Michael Savage Trump Book #1 on NYT 'Best Seller List'; Chronicle EIC Big Giants' Fan; Thursday Rundown

Image result for Cate Cauguiran KPIX
Cate Cauguiran
  WHY is KPIX reporter, Cate Cauguiran loathed by some of her female co-workers at the Battery gulch? Try pure jealousy --you would think this day and age that wouldn't be an issue but at PIX it is and it's nothing new.

I haven't really talked much about Cauguiran --frankly, she comes across as much too average but the more I've watched her work the more I'm impressed.

Related image
Juliette Goodrich
In fact, I'd love to see Cate anchor every now and then but that would require some direction at the station but there is no direction at KPIX. Just a number of people out of place; people who don't know their missive; non-identity anchors; not a one Face of the Station --someone you build around. Again, PIX is rudderless. No wonder the women are fighting and trying to mark their territory --and now you know why there's all these new reporters. Pretty soon, they'll be bitching too.

*Her uptightness remains an issue: Michelle Griego --the morning diva still hasn't signed a new contract and the ratings are not that great. My gut says Griego will stay but at a reduced price.

Related image
Michelle Griego

*Status quo: Juliette Goodrich. And by extension, her price goes up. Hurry up Bruno Cohen.


Michael Savage book, "Trump's War" makes NY Times #1, Best Seller list.

No surprise there.

Wanna bet the Chronicle will not say a word about this? You're on.

Image result for sf chronicleThe Chronicle is run by an amateur EIC, Audrey Cooper; a woman literally consumed with her Giants fanaticism and less with the newspaper.

Image result for Audrey Cooper
Audrey Cooper; EIC of the SF Chronicle
The Chronicle will ultimately survive because it has Hearst money behind it but if it didn't have that it would go kaput because it's such a crappy, terrible newspaper. The SFGate website is a joke; a place that people go to only because it is hard to find news in the Bay Area and thus, you have the Comical.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

415 Media Breaking: Eric Thomas Back to Work at KGO-TV

Image result for eric thomas kgo We're happy to report that KGO senior weekend anchor and reporter, Eric Thomas, is BACK at 900 Front. Healthy and happy too, at least for now.

Thomas has been away from the Circle7 news biz for almost a month --he took a medical leave --I had my own theory.

A source close to Thomas told me just now that the official reason was that Thomas has been battling blood pressure issues and the fluctuation wasn't good.

I'll bet that the high blood pressure issue was dictated by Thomas' battle with KGO's upper mgt desire he be more "social media active."

Image result for kgo-tv 7 imagesLike other stations these days, KGO has become ultra gung-ho on its web site promos; its Twitter and Facebook presence --to a point where that facet is more important than the worker themselves!

Oh dear lord.

In any event, we are happy that Eric Thomas is back in the saddle and working his gig for Channel 7. He'll be back anchoring on Saturday night.

415 Media Exclusive: Angela Alioto Throws Her Hat into 2019 SF Mayoral Race

Image result for angela alioto san francisco   ANGELA ALIOTO --whose last name is considered political royalty in the City by the Bay--is strongly considering a run for the 2019 Mayoral Election, 415 Media has learned.

I asked Alioto directly the other day about it and she neither confirmed it nor denied.

"I keep all my options open," she told me.

Translation: Alioto is running. Because she thinks she can win and she surely would be the front-runner amongst these contenders.

Image result for SF City Hall Room Mayor's officeAlioto ran back in 2003 but she was considered far too liberal even in a city known for its progressive history, and was far off the pace.

Her politics have become far more centrist and her list of advisers and friends are the centerpiece of San Francisco political and social establishment. Plus, she has lots of money and that never hurts.

Oh, and her father was the BEST mayor ever. Advantage: Alioto, 2019.

*415 Media Exclusive