Saturday, February 13, 2016

Death of Justice Antonin Scalia; KCBS' Marc Sandalow Provides Astute Analysis; 415 Media Saturday Breaker

Justice Antonin Scalia dead at age 79
 IMMEDIATELY upon hearing the breaking news of the death of Supreme Court justice, Antonin Scalia, I turned on CNN and listened to analysis by legal pundit, Jeffrey Toobin, political adviser, David Gergen. Both had spot-on takes and provided a quick summation of Scalia's reach and power on the court and predictions on what lies ahead. (Both Toobin and Gergen said it would be highly unlikely President Obama could appoint a justice in this election year--he doesn't have the votes, for one)
After watching CNN and perusing Fox News Channel, I switched locally to KCBS and astute political analyst, Marc Sandalow, who offered keen insight on Scalia's legacy and influence on the court. He (Sandalow) also said it would be nearly impossible for Obama to get a more liberal appointee --given the timing --Sandalow offered the opinion that the next president would pick the justice.
Marc Sandalow/KCBS Political Analyst
It's news like this (breaking on a late Saturday afternoon) that we're fortunate enough to have KCBS' elite Washington political insider on the air.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bay Area Media People That Make Me Reach For the Barf Bag

 Jan Wahl/KCBS: hands-down winner; the movie yenta and mass sickness instigator; irritating as all get go; obnoxious, pretentious; about as sincere, serene and genuine as a Yuba City 7-11.

*Liam Mayclem/KCBS: The "Foodie chap" --Every time I hear this moron I want to barf out loud.

Foodie chap? Maybe foolie chap would be better. This pretentious butthead with an astounding amount of bull excrement needs to be permanently muted, quick!

*Mike Sugerman/KCBS: When I hear this obnoxious "About the Bay" pillock I immediately become sickened and nauseated.

Just a moronic prick.

*Susan Leigh Taylor: The KCBS morning news yenta insists on informing us, EVERY DAY!, about her ride in from Pacifica. "There was a lot of fog and sprinkles on the trip ..BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...Leigh Taylor 's repetitious dog doo, I'm sure, is cause for divine intervention from God: "Hey, you, girl? Shut the hell up!"

Jan Wahl: Even Hadassah wouldn't let her in
  *KPIX: Brian Hackney: Hackney, the proverbial schmuck who thinks his poop doesn't stink; Hey, Hack Man? Take your verbal mush to an outhouse in Tulsa. They'd love you there.

Allen Martin: chronic colonoscopy look
*Allen Martin: Seriously, this TV maven needs a reality check. Maybe a video colonoscopy --which, by the way, every time I watch Martin, I think of just that. Dude, your chronic, "I'm God" demeanor is tantamount to severe head-up-ass disease. Get a beer, have a shot--Look, man, I knew Walter Cronkite, you're NO Walter Cronkite.

Julie Watts: You're no Diane Sawyer
*Julie Watts: OK, so the eye candy-look is appealing...until you speak and do your live shots and weather shit. After that, you tend to get irritating, no wonder the cameramen think you're a bitch. Jules? Some advice: lighten up. Practice a little humility --maybe hit Grumpy's and get a tuna melt and Guinness --you're not that great, not even close; quit pretending you're Diane Sawyer.

Da Lin: Scary and Arrogant
*Da Lin: A crass, insulting, spectacularly arrogant misfit, maybe the biggest jerk in SF TV News history. Be careful of Da Lin, he could poke your eyes out!

*KGO Morning News: Jennifer Jones-Lee and Jon Bristow: The morning gigglers give new meaning to puke control. Especially irritating is their Ronnnnnnnnnn Owens daily ass-kissing, enough for 810 barf bags alone.

"JJ and Bristow" --Induce vomiting

*Jason Middleton: The moment I heard this dweebish South Bay retread I immediately wanted to throw up my bagel and Peets. This dorky, asswipe cad has all the on-air comfort of a Texas root canal performed by a blind dentist. I think he needs to have an affair! Wait a minute...

Ryan Scott: get out the Raid
*Chef Ryan Scott: easily the most disgusting person on local radio. Another Ronnnnnnn ass-kisser too. Immediate audio hemorrhoids --if I was forced to eat this prick's food, I'd call Dr. Kevorkian in heaven and see if there was any room left.

Jason Middleton: Pass the Maalox

Thursday, February 11, 2016

415 Media Breaking: KGO Radio Eliminates Weekend 5-9 AM News; Updated: Last Newscasts This Saturday/Sunday

 KGO RADIO "Weekend News" has been eliminated, I've been told by multiple sources.

Last Sunday was the final 5-9 AM newscast. (Actually, the final newscasts are this Saturday and Sunday)

Not confirmed but on the hit list: ALL local news updates on KGO during the weekend are a goner.

So, if you like a lot of  canned real estate and financial shows, you're in heaven now.

The Cumulus  CUT is in.

*415 MEDIA Breaking...

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Bill Romanowski Tweet about Cam Newton 'Boy' is Ignored by Bay Area Sports Media; Only Chronicle Reports; KNBR MIA, So Too 'The Game'

You probably saw news (albeit scarce) about the controversial Bill Romanowski tweet about Cam Newton.

This post is not about whether Romanowski's tweet was OK (it's since been deleted) For the record, the former 49ers' and Raiders' player who is now a commentator on CSNBA called Newton a "boy."

Romanowski apologized and said the "boy" reference was taken out of context, which I believe is the case; I'm not much a fan of Romanowski but I don't think he meant anything more onerous other than calling out Newton for his shitty post-game Super Bowl press conference.

What I will call out is the fact that beyond the Chronicle, no one in the Bay Area sports media has reported on the story, most notably Comcast Sports Net Bay Area, which employs Romo. Not a peep.

Of course, KNBR didn't say a word either; so to 95.7 FM "All Sports" The Game. (Damon Bruce did a couple of segments on BR but they were fairly short and innocuous)--  I'm not shocked these radio miscreants didn't say a word because real-world issues is a foreign subject matter at KNBR and The Game, pretty much the same. Unless the world were to explode, don't look for any non-sports reportage at either of the outlets although The Game is better here than KNBR. That's not saying much.

The bigger deal here is by refusing to even acknowledge what's been reported on the news domain reinforces the image of Bay Area sports media protecting its own. It's a bad look. It also assumes the Bay Area sports fans are a bunch of ill-informed mutants who don't care about anything other than box scores and tailgate parties.

Time will tell.

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Sure, KPIX Milked Super Bowl 50 But They Had No Choice; No-Win Situation; Michael Savage 'Adulation'? He's No Poser; Tolbert is Killing Damon Bruce; Chip Franklin is a Whore; KTVU and FOX Factoids; Smile, Peggy Bunker; Ronn's EGO is 'Yuge'; Thursday 415 Media Nuggets and Truth Bullets

 SURE, KPIX MILKED ITS SUPERBOWL 50 COVERAGE--I've read all your e-mail and understand those of you frustrated that PIX went way overboard and basically became a shill for CBS and the game.

Well, for starters, CBS owns KPIX, an O and O (owned and operated station)--they damn well can do what they please.

That's not an excuse for the excess coverage, it's just a fact. PIX was caught in a no-win situation: too much SB 50 coverage, they're screwed. Too little and then it's, "hey, where are you? Asleep at the wheel?"

The fact is, KPIX, did what it had to do and based on early numbers, they made a shitload of money for themselves and took advantage of the BIGGEST spectacle in American Sports. The Super Bowl is BIG, gigantically BIG and this year's rendition, the 50th, took place in the Bay Area. It was a SUPER, glorious week, culminating a super, glorious day. The weather was spectacular and the eye candy was out of sight. And I'm not even talking about BeyoncĂ© at halftime. So, I have plenty of issues with PIX but THIS isn't one of them.


*Speaking of e-mail: "Rich, why all the 'Michael Savage' adulation?" It's simple, I've said repeatedly that I'm a fan. Have you seen or listened to the dreck out there? Michael Savage is NO POSER. He moves the needle like no one else. He clearly has the most ENTERTAINING, LISTENABLE and PROVOCATIVE program on radio. Nobody does a show like Savage. And for good reason: Savage is the kingmaker, the provocateur. You may have contempt and disdain over his style but admit that he hooks you. He's NOT a POSER like the rest of you guys. If I sound like a shill, sue me. It's called pointing out a unique and lavish radio spread. Savage goes overboard, of course HE DOES! That's why we all listen. You want vanilla and wonder bread, listen to the gadget man on KGO, Mr. Softie, the guy that sells mattresses and talks about his gadgets.

*Speaking of KGO Radio, hey, I hear Jason Middleton, the "tech and business reporter" is a nooner kind of guy with a fondness for certain morning TV personalities.

*The KGO Morning News gigglers --"JJ and Bristow": I haven't heard more cackling since I was at a Bobby Slayton gig at the Punchline.

*John Lobertini: the most egotistical, obnoxious, sexist, asswipe on local radio. He reminds me of me.

*Chef Ryan Scott: Ronnnnnnnn's food bitch and second-place runner-up to the KGO brown toilet paper society. Multiple first place candidates including the guy who fills in for Ronnnnnnnnnnn and defended Cosby early on so he could keep his opener gig for Mr. Suxtable. Not a genuine funny man.

*The grand experiment of competition between "The Game's" PM Sports driver, Damon Bruce and KNBR's Tom Tolbert is no contest. Tolbert is DESTROYING Bruce. Yeah, Bruce has some sellable demos. Tolbert has more listeners. And if you could take away some of the 3000 minutes of commercials from Tolbert's show, you'd have a sports audio nirvana.

*Then there's the morning putz on KNBR, Raddy, who EVERY DAY talks about "you know, you have to have a wife and kids, show some responsibility , BLAH, BLAH, BLAH....Yeah, Gary, just stay the hell out of the Tenderloin and not cheat on your first wife too.

*"Hi, I'm Chip Franklin: I'm an alleged radio host who sells fungus care, toilet paper, financial data, teeth whiteners, toenail cutters, pink pillows, ass cleansers, corn dog mix and oh yeah, rich uncles too--if you have a product, I'll whore it. I don't care. Thanks, I'm Chip Franklin."

*If Mike Pechner and Brian Sussman (weather minions extraordinaire) say Steve Paulson is really good, then KTVU better pay up soon or they might have to call Hackney. He does not talk like a pirate.

*KTVU mantra: We talk. We talk a lot now. (Thanks FOX, for fucking up the BEST station ever) We will talk even if it means talking about nothing and talking out loud because we just have to TALK now, its in our DNA. WE WILL TALK UNTIL IT's TIME.

*Ross Palombo: KRON's disinfectant for KTVU. Added benefit: he loved talking like a pirate. AhRRR!

*Today on his Facebook page, Frank Somerville will talk about the time he was choked up when he saw a picture of a little Italian man with diapers on who played the cello. Frank is in tears.

*Mark Ibanez: "I never met a blond with heels in the parking lot I didn't like."

*BREAKING NEWS: No Pat McCormick death reports.

*Roberta Gonzales: "Margaritas for everyone!--Hey barkeep, leave the bottle!"

*Another peculiar phenomena at KTVU, (I'm being serious for a change) is the TREMENDOUS disconnect between the GM and ND and some news people in the building. The only people he (Kelly) and she (Hahn) talk to are the ass kissers (like Somerville) who only talk because they fear for their job. Really, they now know they can be REPLACED in a minute. Fox doesn't value talent like COX did even though Cox has some issues of its own. But Cox would have never tolerated the CRAP that comes out of KTVU these days. Had they been aware of the "Pirate" shit and other anal warts HEADS WOULD HAVE ROLLED.

A majority of the KTVU people are fine folks just trying to make a living; some of them are great reporters and anchors who've been caught up in an ownership typhoon. They manage to keep their class and dignity and not SELL OUT like certain anchors in the sports department and a guy with hair plugs.

*John Madden missed the Super Bowl on KCBS. That's troubling.

*Peggy Bunker has early signs of early Claudine Wong disease: Peg, you need to smile again. C'mon, you can do it.

*When a Domestic Violence case involving two morning TV anchors who are married and sex and affairs are a part of the story, sorry, it's fair game. And a part of the story too because one of the parties who was so consumed with POWER that, in her quest to be on top (no pun) she went to all means to keep her gig, no matter what.

Court appearance, Feb. 22. Even if the Mercury News or Chronicle won't cover it, I WILL.

*Mark Matthews: Did you not forget to send Kevin Keeshan a Christmas card?

*Ronn's ego is so huge that he uses his proxies like Middleton and Scott as temporary feel-good players. The instant second that they do him no good is the instant second he drops them. Ronn is in it for Ronn period. That's enabled him to buy used Mercedes for his wife.

*That new sports guy on KRON has been MIA but nobody cares. Maybe Radnich thought he was a secret agent from Columbus and buried him in the back of the Bentley.

*Mike Amatori: "Even though Ronnnnn screwed me, I'm still gonna kiss his ass because he's Ronnnnnnnn."

*The very best political TV reporter is this town, Mark Curtis, formerly of KTVU, (and now reporting in West Virginia); don't ever invite Curtis to Dave Clark's birthday party. Ever.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Michael Savage Interview with Donald Trump Makes KGO's Ronn Owens Go Ballistic

Ronn Owens
 When he heard that Michael Savage scored an interview with Donald Trump, KGO Radio's morning tonsil, Ronn Owens, went uber-ballistic, according to a well-placed broadcast source. "He hit the wall, he was like, incredulous that Savage would be able to score Trump and he (Owens) would be denied."

First off, Savage, who was just voted the #1-rated talker from TSL, has interviewed Trump several times. Owens apparently didn't get the memo.

Michael Savage
Secondly, Owens is supremely jealous of Savage's reach and place. Yes, there's history here.

Owens' lamenting the fact that Savage has interviewed Trump (and other notables) extends to past rants from Owens and his various producers; at one point, Owens put out a mantra that if you did someone else's show first, you would NEVER be on Ronn's show, period.

That is laughable now as Owens' ratings are tanking and Savage is more popular than ever. No wonder El Lowenstein had a it-fit over learning of Trump's latest twenty minutes with the Savage Nation.

Oh well, Mr. Softie can always do another gadget show. He's real good at that.

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Savage to Trump on KSFO: 'Don't Go Soft, Stay Strong'; Wednesday Opener

 DONALD TRUMP's big win on Tuesday night in the New Hampshire primary was predicted by virtually all the polls; that said, Trump seemed rather muted for most of the week and that was brought forth by SF-based, national radio talker, Michael Savage, who told The Donald, directly, on his KSFO radio show "Do Go Soft, Stay Stronger."

This might have been the most unusual, and frankly, entertaining interview Savage has conducted. And yes, Savage has been unabashed in his support of Trump and has formally endorsed him.

Listen to Trump's response and how he reacts to Savage's missive--it's great radio; HERE'S THE FULL INTERVIEW.

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