Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Spenger's A Big, Popular Seafood Joint In Berkeley Favorite Of Media And Pretty Much Everyone Else

 Spenger's on a Sunday Night. Two-hour wait. Great restaurant. Great food. The freshest seafood. The most tasty sourdough bread. Good people. Reasonable prices. Wait, did I leave anything out?

Spenger's is still around today but they changed ownership, freshened it up a bit, and the prices went way up. And guess what? The food is lousy--mediocre at best. I haven't been there in years and have no plans to visit.

Spenger's on the Berkeley waterfront, right across the street from Brennen's, another old place (hoffbrau-style) that they tidied up and proceeded to wreck the food and atmosphere too.

Spenger's and Brennen's were big media people hangouts in the Eastbay. Dave Newhouse, formerly of the Oakland Trib and old KNBR was a regular at Spenger's. Many times I saw Gary Park and Ron Bergman at both places.

Friday, July 31, 2015

So, You Wanted To Be The Next Diane Sawyer? State Of The (TV Broadcast) Union

"We're not that interested even if you're the next Diane Sawyer, sorry, but we'll keep you in mind."

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Time Out; Friday Love Letter From LA: Marla Tellez Testimonial For Rich Lieberman 415 Media


Marla Tellez/KTTV Fox11 LA-- Morning Anchor

"You'd be surprised who, in the TV world, is reading your blog here in LA."

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Brian Sussman Of The KSFO Morning Show Does One Helluva Donald Trump Impression

 This is going to bewilder a heck of a lot of you but oh well, what the hell: KSFO's Brian Sussman and I agree on very little and his politics and my politics are mostly far, way far apart but this is clear: Sussman does the most hilarious impression of The Donald.

Cumulus Loses More Money And It's The End Of The Month; Raiders Hire Woman Broadcaster For TV Pre-Season Games; Friday Quick Opener

Cumulus is still bleeding money; their national revenue just this quarter alone is down almost $300M and when this happens usually bad things happen to some of their workers on the last day of the month.

*The Raiders have announced that Beth Mowins, an ESPN veteran announcer, will call their 2015 Pre-Season games.

Former Raiders Tim Brown and Matt Millen will join Mowins in the booth.

Beth Mowins --new Raiders Pre-Season TV Broadcaster

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Best July '15 TV News Bloopers

This is very fun to watch; hope you enjoy and thanks for your donations to 415 Media.

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