Saturday, August 29, 2015

KRON's 'PBB' Stanley Roberts Suffers Stroke But Is All Right; Friday Night Lights On Bay Shore Freeway; Miller/Krukow A The Others Meh; Saturday 415 Media Breakfast Items

 Yo, You People Behaving Badly --your tormentor, KRON's Stanley Roberts announced on his Facebook page that he had apparently suffered a stroke. But he's OK --as OK as anyone can be suffering a stroke.

Take it easy, Stan and get some relaxation on the agenda and the heck with the speeders on Fifth St.

*Anyone can have an affair --yes, nobody's business, even if you're a SF TV anchor who should know better than putting your personal info on a credit card to Ashley Madison.

*A certain KGO Radio announcer this (Saturday) morning on the closure of the Bay Shore Freeway: "It's a good thing the 49ers are playing in Denver." Yeah, but the Giants are playing a few miles up the freeway at 1 PM. Might be good to look at your Bay Area sports schedules.

*Speaking of the Bay Shore Freeway PG&E/Power accident, could you have imagined if that had happened at commute time?

*Early on, I knew something was weird watching the Giants game Friday night when all of a sudden the scoreboard went kaput and the players looked to the skies: Friday Night Lights.

*Where was Journey Friday night when we needed them? When the lights go down in the citay.

*That loudmouth reporter who tried to pick up the hot brunette at Grumpy's Thursday night should know better. His girlfriend was at the bar only a few feet away sipping her 3rd Corona --fortunately, there was no lime in the bottle.

*The conspiracy nuts are out in full force: How did that crazy guy know the TV gal and her cameraman would be at a live shot at 6: 45 in the morning? Uh, he worked at the station--seems he probably knew how to call the Assignment desk and inquire about certain business.

*As I write this it's spritzing outside and feels like 72. Welcome to San Francisco, New York in the late summer.

*I'm clinically depressed but operational which means I can deal with all the shit --for now.

*Damon Bruce, of 95.7 FM 'The Game' once again went off on the SF Bay Area market. "This is such a soft sports market." Damon, I've been saying that for years and everyone said I was a jerk. Welcome to the club. Free brisket for Damon.

*If you place pineapple on a pizza you should be locked in a room and forced to listen to the KNBR Morning Show.

*Question: If you're in the bathroom doing your business and working Twitter, would it be that you're twooping?

*Vester Flanagan --eerily, the makeup of a 21st century Rupert Pupkin. Sort of.

*Jennifer Hodges, late of KGO Radio, was swooped up by King Swanson and is now tonsiling in the South Bay for KCBS.

*Miller and Krukow--on NBC Bay Area--now that's A-Rate. The two other guys? Meh. Perfect for cable.

*A perfect Saturday: Breakfast at Miller's East Coast Deli listening to KCSM.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Did Ashley Madison Accounts Extend To Bay Area Media?

Of course I heard the rumors and have received a few of your tips.

(Many of them are quite delicious)

I'm referring to the whole Ashley Madison accounts that apparently has extended to the Bay Area media world. We'll, maybe, maybe not.

I'm investigating and will report soon if there's any meat and potatoes --or not.

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Of Course, Show The Video, It's News

The big debate among news directors: show the Virginia killings video or not? Easy call here. You show it. It's NEWS!

It's always puzzled me why we censor videos like this? Would we have not shown the images in Guyana? What about the Vietnam War? Auschwitz? So now we're not going to show Virginia? It's too violent and disturbing. Really now, any more violent than parents taking their kids to the movies to see exploding heads, blood and guts, your standard retail carnage, but that's OK? Please.

Let me get this straight. We're not going to show the video but we have no problem with our kids playing violent video games. We're going to sanitize our own social being because suddenly we're worried about the kids seeing three people getting shot by some lunatic on live TV? Please.

Let's face it. We're a violent society to begin with. America, land of guns and butter. I'm not preaching about gun control now so don't start a debate here but overall, it seems to me we're a bit hypocritical. We deal with violence every day in this country in one form or the other. Therefore I find it rather odd that we're going to censor some video that was on the Internet already and was probably watched my millions of people. Including your teenage kids too.

Seriously now.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

KPIX Posts Info That Virginia Gunman Worked For KPIX

Some of you were angry that I mentioned that the Virginia gunman who killed two journalists live on the air, once worked for KPIX.

Well, how did I get that info? From KPIX itself which posted the news almost immediately after the news first broke.

Maybe they're looking for an identity after all.

News Directors' Dilemma: To Show Virginia TV Killings Video Or Not; Warning: Graphic Video

 One big dilemma for news directors--as a result of the ambush of two Virginia TV journalists Wednesday: whether or not to show video that captured the killings live on TV and which soon became viral.

An initial video showed reporter, Alison Parker interviewing Vicki Gardner, a Virginia Chamber of Commerce director.

Soon into the video, shots break out and Parker is seen and heard screaming and running away from the shooter.

Most news outlets, including TV stations in the Bay Area did not show the video in its entirety-- instead showed a variation of it --with Parker's screams and several gunshots clearly audible.

Both Parker and photographer, Adam West died at the scene. Gardner is recovering and was reported to be in stable condition in a Roanoke, Virginia hospital.

A more graphic video, posted by the shooter himself, showed the entire episode, including the gunman placing the weapon before the three individuals who were unaware of his presence. That video, (WARNING--Disturbing and graphic) shows a more detailed, disturbing account of the shooting. No mainstream news outlets showed its content.

Later Thursday, 415 Media hopes to talk to Bay Area TV News reporters about their reaction and feelings about the Virginia tragedy.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pogo: 'We Have Met...

Free content provided by the society of the Unites States of America; upon which, events like the one that took place on Wednesday is an ongoing cable edible we place in our belly and cozy up to like a sweet little pussycat.

Wednesday: Virginia

Yesterday One: Columbine

Yesterday Two: Virginia Tech

Yesterday Three: Aurora

And so on and so on: Sandy Hook Elementary School

The Players: CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel

Pogo had it right.

Massacre Of Two Virginia CBS TV Journalists ( Warning, Disturbing Video) UPDATE: Shooter Worked At KPIX; UPDATE 2: Flanagan, Alleged Shooter Was In Process of Selling Home in Oakland

THIS video will be discussed en masse it should. But frankly, I'm not surprised this hasn't happened much more frequently. 

It's disturbing, its frightening as all get-go and really tough to watch, but I think it needs to be seen.

UPDATE 1: The alleged shooter worked at KPIX

UPDATE 2: The shooter, Vester Flanagan, was apparently in the process of selling a home in Oakland.