Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

KGO-TV Anchor, Katie Marzullo: You Don't Have To Be A Star, Baby, To Be In My Show

 TO BE A anything, you have to possess presence and stature, you have to carry yourself. You can be a great QB on a football team but you have to have some receivers. Joe Montana would have been half his legacy without the benefit of Jerry Rice.

Katie Marzullo is not the second coming of Kate Kelly or Sylvia Chase.

She's actually a fine news anchor and does a complete job without specifically doing anything spectacular and that's the mystery.

Or is it?

Many in the KGO-TV newsroom at 900 Front insist Marzullo could be on a fast-track to the network if she developed a more outgoing personality but even if that's the case, having watched much of her work I like her style. She's more at ease keeping it straight and simple and not having to provide any visual fireworks for shock sake. Good thinking.

I believe good things are on the rise for the capable ABC7 news anchor. In other words Katie, you don't to be a star, baby, to be in my show.

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Tom Tolbert KNBR's MVP

 TOM TOLBERT is KNBR's MVP. I would not have said that a few years ago because as much as I liked his show I felt he lacked the luster to carry the show; in addition, his interviewing was subpar and the constant non-sports, pop culture, Arizona-infused chatter was a major irritant.

Times have changed. Tolbert is now relaxed, funny, candid, most importantly he knows his sports and he's become a terrific interviewer.

All the while Tolbert has cachet with several of the Bay Area sports community and therefore he's able to get the best guests and draw more personal info from jocks who might otherwise not want to divulge too much.

Furthermore, I like Tolbert's take-no-prisoners persona and hold-the-bullshit stance --it's a refreshing change from some of his other worker bees who hold court early in the day.

It would be nice if KNBR cut its commercial overload into four clusters as opposed to ten-minute blocks during the afternoon, (and mid-morning drive), but the Tolbert PM drive show is worth waiting for. I know, I can't believe I said that too.

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'No Name' Bails From Live 105; Tuesday First Take

 "NO NAME", (Mike Nelson), bails from KITS-FM, (LIVE 105), which could explain the current tension inside the CBS FM division at 855 Battery.

More moves on the way.


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Monday, September 29, 2014

KNBR Cleans Clock In September; KCBS/KOIT Hold Serve; SF Radio Ratings


Here's the full numbers.

September 2014 Portable People Meter (Updated: 09-29-14)12+ Population: 6,377,900 (Black: 451,400) (Hispanic: 1,446,000)

Bye Bye Bay Area Radio

 Too bad.

Intelligent, cranky, smartest man in the world, pain-in-the-ass, compelling broadcaster.

Infinitely listenable too.

{Bill Wattenburg}

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Gary Radnich Just Said On KNBR That He Left The 49ers Game In The Third Quarter


 At least he's honest.

I've got kids. I don't want to be in traffic, blah, blah, blah, hell why not  just stay home?

Man, he's hysterical.
I know, I know.

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