Monday, June 26, 2017

'Hot Head' Robin Winston Gets Into More Drama at KRON; Ronn Owens Makes Cal AG Read Mattress Ad; Roberta Gonzales Gushy-Gushy Again With KCBS' Bunger; KTVU About To Get Slashed; KPIX Malaise; ABC Execs Go Cheap on KGO-TV For Lunch; Giants Broadcasters Go Asleep on Sunday; 415 Media Monday

Image result for robin winston sexy    "Miss Hot Head"--that's what a KRONvict calls her-- had a blowout last week with a production assistant...just the latest incident involving KRON morning traffic anchor/diva, Robin Winston.

There's some history here.

As Winston's profile gets bigger and bigger --she gets more fan mail and social meeting messages than Countess Darya--her ego has "gone out of control," says a senior staffer behind the scenes..

After the latest brouhaha with the PA, Winston went running to management about the altercation. There's no word yet on the status but suffice to say, Winston is turning into a drama queen and then some. She even proceeded to status update the deal on her Facebook. That's not something you do in the TV News biz. Seems Winston is ready for a Battle Royal --oh, by the way, Winston is still sending anonymous comments to 415 Media, pretty snarly too. Robin, I appreciate the accolades but if you're going to throw rocks at me, then at least be lady enough to ID yourself.

Image result for Ronn Owens
Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnn Owens 
*"Mr. Softie--aka: Ronn Owens once again made an ass of himself on the KGO air last week. Owens had the California Attorney Gen., Xavier Becerra--get this!!  read a mattress ad. (Audio) This once was cute. Years ago. Now Owens act is embarrassing ...mattress man strikes again! Malaise 

Image result for roberta gonzales*Roberta Gonzales is out of control. Again. The KCBS--KPIX weather diva once again gushed over the radio airwaves last week. Gonzales threw out the first ball at the A's game and then, with gushing and prodding from news anchor, Stan Bunger, described her baseball encounter. Naturally, it was overly obnoxious and overblown but that's Roberta is a nutshell ...Stan Bunger, her enabler, should be embarrassed. 

*KTVU is embroiled in a very tense atmosphere inside the broadcast studios in Jack London Square. 

Here's why: Fox is considering a "MASSIVE" pay cut for its "very highly paid" anchors and reporters and its Bay Area (Oakland) O and O (owned and operated) is first on the CUTTING BLOCK!

Image result for ktvu oaklandThey're not going to mess with Frank Somerville (yet) but Julie Haener, Mark Ibanez, Tom Vacar and Claudine Wong are all on the short list to get their salaries SLASHED ...Oh Nellie

*KPIX in a nutshell: just pure out and out "WE DON'T CARE" by the natives. They don't care because there's a distinct lack of leadership by the likes of managers who only care themselves about payday ...and nothing else. Meanwhile, KPIX is in a ratings freefall with less and less viewership morning, noon and night.

Image result for KPIX SFHere's a bigger PIX issue: one of its lone budding stars, Betty Yu, is being heavily courted by a local station that adores her disposition. Think across the street

*ABC News Execs, vacationing from NY, decided to stop by KGO recently and, get this, inundate 900 Front with a bunch of Subway sandwiches --ok, nice gesture, only the sandwiches were day-old and tasted like something you'd get off one of those "roach coaches." Yeah, when you're $500K a year execs it's that tasty Subway cuisine --like the schmucks couldn't have ordered a few tuna melts from Grumpy's?

Image result for jon miller dave fleming*That extra-long, dull, bore-a-thon called the Giants game on Sunday was outdone by the local TV play-by-play broadcasters who decided to take an on-air nap during the fifth inning. Maybe they were on assignment

*415 Media Monday

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415 Media Saturday Night Special; Paul Simon Live in London Hyde Park; Graceland and You Can Call Me Al

( Paul Simon Band (Hyde Park, London, 2012)

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A Saturday Ask Rich Lieberman

Image result for Radio, TV, Broadcast Media   ANSWERING YOUR BAY AREA TV/RADIO MEDIA QUESTIONS...Please, name and town.

*Note: not all questions can be answered due to time and commitments.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Jumpin' At The Woodside on Friday Night; 415 Media Video Finale

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{Oscar Peterson and Count Basie}

Michael Savage Stirs Up North Beach (Again); Syndicated (KSFO) Radio Talker Gets Hero Treatment Fresh Off 'Trump's War' NYT Best Seller; 415 Media Special

  IT WAS BALMY THE OTHER NIGHT...even in fog-shrouded San Francisco which wasn't very foggy at all, more like a Paris in the middle of Summer.

The scene was North Beach and the location of scores of people making a lot of noise upon the departure of one of the Bay Area's most popular figures. Indeed the nation too.

Michael Savage, the bon-vivant, broadcast raconteur (heard locally on KSFO 12-3 PM) was once again treated to a hero's ovation by an impromptu crowd that gathered near Washington Park amidst the Italian crowd coming out of Tony's.
Word was out that Savage was about to depart and upon doing so, the bombastic talk host, fresh off his latest NY Times best-selling book (Trump's War) was met with throngs of fans offering high-fives and pats on the back. It was a sight to see. The crowd was boisterous and celebratory, like as if the Pope was nearby and the Beatles were playing "It's Been a Hard Day's Night." Pretty soon, just to make sure nobody got too much out of hand, a few of SFPD's finest were there to watch over. It looked like a scene out of a movie. The only thing missing was Francis Ford Coppola and some Hollywood cameras. Even Savage was overwhelmed --this is becoming an annual event.

Savage's radio show has become a must-listen, cultural, tour de force --a broadcast tapestry with loads of topical substance; off-beat, unconventional content and discussion with unpredictable outcomes and direction. That's a good thing in today's mostly blasé radio environment dominated by mostly trite, benign, frankly boring and yawning vitriol by the likes of Limbaugh, Levin, Hewitt and others. More than predictable and innocuous, the shows aren't very interesting and enlightening--worst of all they're simply not very entertaining. Not a good recipe for success.

That is where Savage, even if you don't like his repertoire (and really, you haven't listened much if you feel that way) hits the spot. Savage has become appointment radio. I've said this all along. But it bears repeating because if you enjoy a very different, very real and opaque brand of entertainment, then Savage's radio presentation would be a welcome addition to your daily schedule.

Savage's growing influence has reached the White House where POTUS Donald Trump makes frequent appearances on his show and Savage himself has rightly taken credit for Trump's victory last November; it was a fan base mostly fed up with Washingtonian blather that helped Trump gain access to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and curry favor with a good portion of that working class demo that is a Savage mainstay.

Savage's North Beach hero's welcome is a sight to behold no matter what side of the aisle you sit on and frankly, I would expect and not be so surprised to see more later on in the future.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Little Strong Buddy Rich, The King; 415 Media Thursday Video Finale

Turn up the speakers.

The master.

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The 'Seven F' Bullshit KGO PD, Mike Anthony, Peddles To Sheep Talk Show Hosts

Image result for Social Media idiocy  ALONG WITH HIS OTHER BULLSHIT, KGO PD, MIKE ANTHONY peddles ...endlessly a daily diet of Social Media Crappola --to his mostly sheep talk-show hosts...what's the bullshit?

Try this: Anthony insists hosts subscribe to "The Seven F's" ..."Facebook, Food, Fashion, Finance, ..." I don't know the rest but you get the drift.

Remember, it's all about "Lifestyle."

News? What the hell is that? Yeah, it's almost tantamount to a sort of Scientology Radio. It's both sad, nutty, a little creepy really. Supposedly, Anthony couldn't care less about news. What a blithering idiot.