Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jon Bristow Settles In at KCBS Weekend Anchor While Dave Padilla Does More Reporting; Rothmann Gets More Time on KGO Radio; Will Co-Host Post-Presidential Debate; Work Election Night Coverage; Appreciating Pat Thurston; Sizzling Good Alexis Smith on ABC7 Morning Traffic; Saturday In the Park 415 Media

Image result for saturday in san francisco It's become apparent now that KCBS has tossed the weekend morning news slot to ex-KGO tonsil, Jon Bristow. Subsequently, Dave Padilla, (Mr. Rise and Shine) has been deported back to reporting and only occasionally anchors.

I've never really warmed to Padilla's happy streak and style. He's a veteran and apparently has some following but not my cup of tea.

Bristow, with his baritone voice (pipes) sometimes sounds more like an FM DJ but overall is head over heels better than Padilla and has a firm grasp of the English language. It also helps that his ex-boss at KGO, Jack Swanson, now runs KCBS and has brought over a number of KGO reporters to 855 Battery.

Image result for john rothmann kgo radio
John Rothmann
*I've been saying for some time now that KGO Radio should bring aboard political guru, John Rothmann, as the election gets closer and closer. Looks like they have.

Image result for pat thurston
Pat Thurston/KGO Radio photo
Rothmann, who's been filling in a lot lately and has appeared on the station on a regular rotation, will be analyzing (with Pat Thurston) the Presidential Debate Monday Night and will also be assisting Election Night coverage. He'll also be doing his normal fill-in shows. That's a smart move, KGO, glad you're finally on the Rothmann bandwagon. 

*It took me awhile to really appreciate Pat Thurston (who's been instrumental in getting Rothmann on the KGO air) but now I look forward to and enjoy her weekend work (and when she fills in during the week).

Thurston is known for doing a lot of prep when she's going on the air and it's evident. Her guest list is impressive; her topics are newsworthy and relevant and most importantly, she's spot on in coverage during Breaking News events. This was most telling during the Orlando Nightclub massacre when Thurston and news guy, Bret Burkhart anchored live for hours and broke into KGO's insufferable, regularly-scheduled, taped financial shows.

It was vintage KGO, a throwback to a time when KGO was the go-to radio location when breaking news involving natural disasters, terrorist attacks, mass shootings and the like occurred.

Image result for alexis smith kgo-tv
Alexis Smith
*I haven't had a chance to recommend watching KGO'TV's newest traffic reporter, Alexis Smith, who, THIS JUST IN, is really good. Smith has a very smooth, concise and precise delivery and delivers several jugs full of energy. It's a pleasure to both watch and listen to her reports in the morning.

*The HOT weekend has begun. Enjoy and be safe, be cool too, have some cold, lovely adult beverages -and keep it here at 415 Media.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Friday 415 Media Nuggets

Image result for ktvu weather anchors A massive heat wave hits the Bay Area this weekend and the weather people are all having orgasms --they live for this! Roberta is positively GIDDY Friday morning on KCBS (nothing more news savvy than to inform us of the weather for tonight at the Coliseum--"bring a coat though and 'Go A's!'" Ouy Vey, Gag me)

Meanwhile, the "Weather AUTHORITY!" folks at KTVU are going gonzo! Bill Martin over/under on "off-shore breeze" is at 5 right now. I've got the over.

Image result for Colin Kaepernick Time*Colin Kaepernick is on the cover of Time Magazine. OK, my question: how many of you still read magazines?

*Kaepernick's missive has elevated the subject matter on sports talk-radio right? No, just further exposed the idiocy of those working in the toy dept. trying to converse about something way above their pay grade.

That's why they don't talk much about OTA's on NPR.

Image result for armstrong and getty show*In order to be funny you have to have the audience buy in, number one. Second, to actually be funny you yourself have to be funny! It's really kind of obvious. I now give you Exhibit A, Armstrong and Getty Radio Show, or as I would say, the Velveeta Cheese of Branson, Missouri currently pooping up Bay Area AM radio and beyond.

I've tried all-get-go to listen to these Sacramento-based hacks and I still cannot fathom their brand of humor, it sounds straight out of some Wonder Bread fondue with an extra scoop of mayonnaise --how did these guys con their way onto terrestrial radio? Wait a minute, perfect spot for the gruesome twosome.

*Sacramento, Velveeta Cheese, Wonder Bread, Mayonnaise, Branson, and Armstrong and Getty, it has a certain symmetry.

Image result for Darya Folsom*It used to be Darya Folsom is so bad she's good, now it's really Darya is so bad, she's bad. And the crumbs are falling off the doughnuts so there's really nothing there now.

*Speaking of KRON, a whole bunch of guys in dark suits marched into the building the other day to take inventory.

They were not there talking about chili recipes and a certain guy's Bentley.

Image result for Brittney Shipp*Brittany Shipp Update: Any day now Ell-Lay is calling. I knew that was coming any day because Shipp can really do her gig without certain distractions and won't take any shit from the Tenderloin guy.

*The short guy boss in the KRON newsroom is shouting again which is precisely why there's such a thing as short-guy syndrome.

Maybe he's a little nervous now.

*Just what the hell is "Weather Authority"--are we talking like the Weather Fuhrer? I give up.

*I'm not a betting man but if I could I would bet the house that the Foxies over there at KTVU are exploring ways, really now, to figure out a way to eject Tom Vacar.

They can't.

Image result for tom vacar channel 2Remember, as I've said, Vacar still wants the gig and more ominously for KTVU, he's a loyah. *I remember the good old days when talk-radio callers were actually intelligent and asked reasonable questions and engaged with the host.

Now the host uses callers (those that actually still take calls) as tools and belittles them; shames them really. And then laughs about it.

Which is one of the reasons why John Rothmann is so damn good. Listen to the dialogue on radio when Rothmann interacts with callers. The host dictates the type of call they get; if a moron is hosting then morons call. If there's, god forbid, intelligent conversation and respect for one another and not morning zoo-like histrionics, there's hope then.

*God, I thought I really had a bad life until I watched CNN the other day. Poppy Harlow. Really? Where did they find this nitwit? Oh wait, never mind.

*Speaking of Morning Zoo, we bring you the KSFO Morning Show which used to posses reasonable entertainment even if the politics were not your flavor, now it's just morphed into fart sounds and cow moos. Just wonderful guys, all we need is a few circus rings.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

'60 Minutes' Wants a Few With 49ers' Caep; Roberta Gonzales Should Talk Like an Adult; KGO's Chip Franklin: Cardboard-Voice Radio; Raj and Jessica El Fuedo at NBC Bay Area; Duane Kuiper Still Sounds Pissed Off; Roqui Theus Now Merely Half-Dreadful at KPIX; Thursday 415 Media Deli

Image result for tadich grill san francisco *A CBS spy in NY tells me the "60 Minutes" people have made contact with Colin Kaepernick's people for a little chat with the Kap about a few things, something you won't see in the Chronicle.

*Wayne Freedman, the star reporter over at KGO-TV used to be quite the ally of combative and non-people-friendly, News Director, Tracey Watkowski-Silva. No more. Even her most staunchest friends now can't stand her and those that do are only doing so to protect their interests. What a great morale booster at 900 Front.

*Speaking of KGO, that new set had all the buzz of a frozen waffle at IHop. I mean, it looks just fine and all, but for $4 million bucks I was hoping to see the Starship Enterprise.

*Circle7 Set Good Gossip: from someone in the building the KGO management told the weather women to "bring your best high-heels to the set." Seems the new camera/HD settings at 7 are designed to televise the women "from head to toe." Good time to be a podiatrist near Front Street.

Image result for Dan Ashley Ama Daetz KGO
Ama Daetz and Dan Ashley
*That all said, KGO's newscasts are easily the best in the Bay Area with steady and consistent, if not overly-spectacular content but who said anyone was perfect. I like Ama Daetz and Dan Ashley; Larry Beil can be a bit stuff and thinks he's God, (with Authority!) but delivers solidly on a nightly basis. Sandhya Patel rocks my world (looks like she's not going to CNNI) and classy, Carolyn Tyler adds a bit of splendor on the weekend.

Image result for Roberta Gonzales
Roberta Gonzales
*See, Roberta, I think I nailed the problem: it's how you talk to people --we're not all 7th-graders at a PTA night. Please, Roby, talk to us as if we're adults. Quit the Miss Nancy crap and all is forgiven.

*Roqui Theus Update: better, now just merely half-dreadful.

*Chip Franklin: cardboard voice on the radio with intermittent silly topics ranging from "what's your favorite way to cook tofu?" to "Are you happy with your sex life?"

This all in one day while Charlotte, NC was about to burn.

Chip should stick to selling pillows and toe-fungus foam because his slop-show on KGO Radio is about as compelling as a public restroom on Turk and Eddy.

*KGO Radio: Home of the Byron Allen Show.

*Ronnnnnnnn: sad, really.

*Wonder what Duane Kuiper would sound like after a trip to Damascus.

*The KNBR "Sports Update": In reality, just another 2-minute commercial with accompanying sponsor --updates are real news and not rehashed scores from 24 hours earlier. KNBR and Cumulus has contempt for their listeners, with the commercial ambush on a daily basis. Greed, mediocrity, and audio blight, what a bargain.

*Radnich, Kuiper and Krukow: Republicans and Anti-Union. Fact.

Image result for roqui theus kpix
Roqui Theus
Image result for Jessica Aguirre Raj Mathai NBC
Raj Mathai and Jessica Aguirre

*Cracks in the San Jose NBC Shield: Raj Mathai and Jessica Aguirre are having a small little kerfuffle--it's not that big a deal; something about money, maybe.

*Good point from a 415 Media reader: Kuiper, Kruk too, will never say anything even remotely anti-Giants because that would piss off Emperor Larry Baer who rules the day.

Baer is the biggest phony in the world, a guy who likes to appear as if he's Mr. Fuzzy but in reality is about as fun as three colonoscopies in a month.

*Kuiper, by the way, still sounded bitter on the Knibber air Thursday Morning, maybe he was sick of listening to the 40,000 commercials while waiting on hold, DUDE!

*Fire and Ice: Vida Blue and Mike Krukow.

*Here's the deal about Ronnnnnn: The Cumulus guys would dearly love for him to retire gracefully Dec. 31 (After the election) but Ronn doesn't know what to do with his life and wants to get out of the house.

Should be an interesting 90 days around Broadway and Battery.

Image result for Ronn Owens
Ronnnnnnnnn Owens

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Something To Chew On; KNBR: All Giants All The Time; The Chronicle Ignores Central Subway Questions; SF Media Lavishes Praise on Rose Pak; Forgets Political Payoffs; Audrey Cooper EIC Asleep at the Wheel Because She's a Real Journalist; With Impending KRON Doom Radnich Has to Do Commercials; 'Gotta Feed The Family'

Image result for san francisco streets at night KNBR all but forgot about the 49ers this week --with the exception of the post mortem Monday, it's been all SF Giants. ALL. The 49ers, KNBR's second fiddle to the 'Gints, have all but disappeared this week from the KNBR domain with the exception of some obscure player's shows (xxxxx)

Just wait until baseball season is over and The Bleeder has no pro basketball team to chat about --OMG, they'll actually have to be creative!

*Charlie Rose was interviewing Bono on his PBS interview show --I watched it at midnight and that's the only thing I watch on KQED. What else is worth watching? Now send 99 dollars and get a 12-pack CD of the London Symphony.

*Yes, the vast Larry Baer media politburo has many tentacles stretching from KNBR to Comcast Sports Net Bay Area to NBC with City Hall tossed in as an appetizer. I'm still waiting for the Chronicle and its illustrious new Editor-In-Chief  to write about Baer's adventures that have nothing to do with sports and are quite spicy but she's got a Giants cap on all the time so that ain't never gonna happen. Wonder what Herb Caen would think. Paging Matier and Ross.

*Audrey Cooper: A legend in her own mind.

*The Chronicle's idea of hard-hitting journalism involves Michael Bauer breaking down the salad lettuce at Jardinaire.

Image result for Alicia Reid KRON
Alicia Reed
*Alicia Reed: KRON reporter. Another hidden gem that I'd like to see more of. It beats having to look at JR Stone.

*Another hard-hitting Big Mac subject matter that the Chronicle ignores is the mass political corruption involving construction of the Central Subway. Again, paging Matier and Ross. For starters, guys, make a call to Diane Feinstein's hubby, Dick Blum. That's just for starters. And then call Willie Brown, your esteemed columnist. Oh, I forgot....

Image result for Willie Brown SF
Willie Brown
*I have a question. Suppose, just for argument sake, that Willie Brown is involved in some scandal or ethics probe? (He isn't) What's the Chronicle going to do? Ah, what the hell, Hearst doesn't care.

*While the mainstream SF Media (Chronicle, TV stations) went complete ga-ga and lavished praise on Rose Pak (the Chinatown political consultant who died Sunday) for her prestige and prominence in the city-- gone was any mention of Pak's numerous political payoffs, corruption and questionable influence over some of the town's biggest pols, past and present, like, say, yes, Willie Brown.

Image result for audrey cooper chronicle
Audrey Cooper/EIC of the SF Chronicle
Of course, Audrey Cooper, EIC, Nowhere to be found. I think she's too busy checking Hunter Pence's batting average, because, you know, unlike us bloggers, Audrey is a real journalist.

*That Radnich guy has been doing, for the first time ever, real-estate commercials because he's about to lose his "Buster Brown" gig.

Image result for Gary Radnich
Gary Radnich is doing radio commercials on KNBR
KRON casualties countdown has officially commenced.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Don't Look At Me

Image result for Rich Lieberman An undisclosed Bay Area TV Newsroom --make sure the News Director doesn't catch you.

415 Media Exclu: KRON/Nextstar Frequency Worth a Billion; TV Spectrum Auction

Image result for KRON-TV SF We know about KRON and its murky future based on the TV Spectrum Auction.

I heard something astounding the other day from a broadcast industry official that blew me away.

The person, who asked that I don't use his/her name told me that the KRON frequency is worth a Billion dollars!

That's yuge.

Wait a minute; maybe I shouldn't be surprised.
Image result for nbc logo

Back to our story--the person went further. Could NBC reverse course and buy KRON to fortify its presence in the Bay Area and right a wrong that killed its Bay Area broadcast position?

Wait a minute, what then happens to KNTV? There's a million questions.

I'm still thinking about that BILLION --and considering KRON's new, complex corporate ownership, there's a lot to consider.

A former KRONvict told me all this news has hit the newsroom like a lead balloon --which might explain why the bottom dwellers at 900 Front are nervous as all hell.


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Duane Kuiper Was Sort of Pissed Off on KNBR This Morning (Audio)

Image result for Duane Kuiper I don't always listen to Duane Kuiper on his KNBR chat with the Morning Boys but today (Tuesday) was a good time to listen if you like hearing a man acting like he'd been stood up at the Senior prom.

Take a listen here.

Kuiper was commiserating on the air over last night's latest galling Giants loss to the Dodgers.

It was your customary booster-club conversation with noted Giants' fan, Brian Murphy, who sounded almost as flustered as Kuip did as the interview moved forward.

Then the shit began to fly.

Kuiper really didn't want to do the show. "I feel like sleeping in today, really." Well, Kuip, they do pay you for this, I'll bet you cash the check.

I'll give Murphy credit for not backing down to Kuiper and trying to keep the conversation moving, but even he relented at one point telling Duano "wow, you sound sorta..." Well, shitty, would be a good start.

Ironically, this Knibber audio appetizer was good radio; a crack in the Giants' radio machine with one of its leading comrades essentially wanting no part of Tuesday reflections. At one point, I almost felt like the whole chit-chat was staged. But I don't think Kuip would roll that way; I would be curious to hear his reaction to real-life issues --Tuesday was tough stuff but hell, I listened.


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