Tuesday, October 25, 2016

KTVU Newsroom Steamed Over Palombo Vegas Debate Assignment; Heather Holmes MisDirection Illustrates Fox Hen House Incompetence

Image result for heather holmes ktvu
Heather Holmes and Ross Palombo
 From my Fox2 spy: they're still fuming in the KTVU newsroom because station suits (read: Fox buttheads) sent human joke, Ross Palombo to Vegas to cover the last presidential debate--No Rob Roth or Tom Vacar, both senior reporters..and now you know why Randy Shandobil left Channel 2 much earlier than anticipated

*Heather Holmes, the station star diva who is telling friends that she wants to be a "serious TV News journalist" is being used all over various time slots, much to the chagrin of veteran staffers, including Holmes herself.

Source: "they literally don't know where to put her! They just keep moving her here and there."

A competent news operation would have someone at the top cease such ridiculous behavior.

I'm not a fan of Holmes; I think she's mostly style over substance and way overrated --that said, if KTVU thinks so highly of her and apparently they do, then they should place her somewhere, maybe 5 o'clock?, and keep her there permanently --but that would require an act of leadership and direction, something foreign at the Oakland Fox hen house.

KNBR's 'Come-To-Jesus' Time; All-Sports AM Power Devoid of Warriors While 49ers Go South; Can The 'Leader' Stave Off 95.7 'The Game' FM Power Surge? 415 Media Analysis

Image result for Miscellaneous Media KNBR's Come-to-Jesus time began on Monday and will conclude in a few weeks; the all-sports AM 680 will be devoid of Warriors games (as the W's have moved to 95.7 FM The Game) and the 49ers (ugh!) don't play Sunday.

KNBR will have to rely on its talk-shows and outside of the afternoon drive minus one dreadful moron host, Knibber will be talk exclusively. That is, after the 500 hours of commercials and "updates" disguised as breaking sports news.

KNBR built a successful brand based on its almost monopoly of Bay Area sports. During baseball season and its six-month presence, the station's talk shows centered on Giants' baseball games and not much else (rightly so, in some cases). As the Giants began to have success in the post season, KNBR extended its talk and milked its prize asset sometimes to the extreme but it all worked well in the ratings department and revenues soared in the sales offices. Everyone got drunk rich.

After October baseball magic --the 49ers and Warriors took off --it helps that the 49ers were good and the Warriors were just beginning to become the model franchise they've evolved into but all of that is gone now and KNBR will have to be creative. They will be tested to the limit.

For one thing, they will have to figure out how to talk successfully without the benefit of the suddenly NBA version of "America's Team." Granted, in terms of popularity, the Warriors are still #2 behind the Giants but with the addition of Kevin Durant and the rest of the team, a radio station devoid of its winter bread and butter has to hurt the "Sports Leader."

Image result for KNBR 95.7 FM The GameThe 49ers are lousy now and don't generate much caller traction other than for the leather lungs to berate Jed York and pray for a DeBartolo sighting in Santa Clara. "Let's go to Salty in Clovis" wears thin after the sixth straight loss.

KNBR will survive this phase having made loads of cash during the past six-plus years with ratings nirvana, low overhead, and the innate ability to reward its "star" announcers and screw the lower-level staff that do the heavy lifting. Now comes the hard part.

The Warriors radio home now is Game territory --a big hit indeed, but the Game still has a very poor signal and can't be heard in most of the city and parts of the Bay Area. KNBR's 50,000 watts and prime AM dial position will always supersede The Game's better overall product and talk shows but when there's nothing to listen to, what's a sports radio fan to do. Probably tune into Satellite radio or flip on ESPN.

Let's check the ratings in a month or so. I see a trend developing.

Monday, October 24, 2016

When ktvu was KTVU

Image result for Mark Ibanez Heather Holmes KTVU
From left: Claud Mann, Elaine Corral, and Mark Ibanez
 They just did their job; read the news; respected the viewer; had respect for themselves; didn't have to worry about dreaded social media; in other words, they connected.

Image result for Channel 2 OaklandAnd guess what? We did trust them.

What has Audrey Cooper, EIC at the Chronicle Accomplished?; Bay Area Radio Suits Don't Respect You; KNBR Off Air Hours Monday Morn; Warming to Azenith Smith of KTVU; Not so Much, Heather Holmes and Jana Katsuyama; Monday Opener

Image result for san francisco media

 SOMEONE, quick, tell me what Chronicle EIC, Audrey Cooper has accomplished at the paper? Cooper was appointed, with great fanfare, as the first woman Editor-in-Chief for the Chron --terrific, but after that, again, what has she done?

The Chronicle is laboring along --with its print edition, like most other major newspapers, bleeding red ink. Moreover, under Cooper's stewardship, there appears to be a huge wall of supporters and non-supporters alike; she picks her favorites and apparently likes to dump on those people she regards as "underlings."

Several star writers have left the building under mysterious circumstances; Jon Carroll retired last year but several industry sources say he was forced out. City columnist, Chuck Nevius is leaving in December after thirty-plus years but several sources say he too was forced out.

Cooper has been mum on the matter but for a woman journalist who supposedly has a lot to say, has said virtually nothing since assuming her post. Most EIC occasionally write Sunday columns or state of the paper pieces, Cooper has done neither. She is, according to staffers, a big Giants fan.

And she detests bloggers. "You're not real journalists," she said. Yeah, every time I see Cooper I think of the next coming of Maureen Dowd.


Image result for Respect*I've been writing a lot more about TV News, less about Bay Area radio. Most of my lack of radio columns have to do with the further degradation of station, both AM and FM. The people in Bay Area radio, the people who run the business, don't respect you folks. They think of you as dummies and regard you as nincompoops --they are vile people and I don't care for vile people. Vile people annoy the hell out of me.

*The all-sports AM bleeder was off the air a good many hours early Monday Morning. Maybe the commercials went on strike.

Image result for Azenith Smith KTVU
Azenith Smith
*I'm beginning to warm to Azenith Smith, the street reporter at KTVU. She appeared to be a softie early on but has revved up the engine.

*Heather Holmes, KTVU's shoe correspondent, has told friends she wants to be considered a "serious journalist."

Image result for Heather Holmes KTVU
Heather Holmes
Then quit dressing like you're about to hit the nightclubs, Countess Heather.

And another thing: for god's sake, stop flubbing your lines and read the damn teleprompter --want to be a diva? Then continue to do what you do.

Image result for jana katsuyama ktvu
Jana Katsuyama
*What KTVU sees in Jana Katsuyama I have no idea other than PC quotas. The woman is a nightly embarrassment.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Impression: Alayna Gomez Fits Right on in at KTVU Weekend News

Image result for Alayna Gomez It was quite a sight to see the dynamically beautiful and ultra-smart, Alayna Gomez grace the KTVU Weekend Anchor chair on Saturday Night.

Gomez comes to Channel 2 from the NBC Connecticut station.

Off the cuff, she looks and sounds like another young newbie but Gomez has a cool, calm, collective delivery and adds a much-needed sense of humor to her repertoire.

Here's hoping she makes a lasting impression on Fox2 and has even more play on KTVU's other news platforms.

Friday, October 21, 2016

I Need Your Help; Just a Thousand of You

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KTVU's Idiotic 'The Nine' Didn't Even Know About The Twitter/DDOS Attack Friday Morning; Silly, Insipid Mikaelian and Mibach Further FOXified

Image result for ktvu  The Nine Some of you watch KTVU's uber-insipid "The Nine" which could be one of the worst local TV News segments in the market.

Beyond having no clue of the morning major news events, they're just god awful.

Patterned after the Today's Show's 4th hour, The Nine is dreadful. It wouldn't be so horrid if it just tried to perform a basic function as it is (like normal, useless, waste of time-"features" that are in and out in a nano-second--TV News numb sensations); no, The Nine tries to make you think "they" care.

Hell no they don't care.

The Nine is led by nails-on-chalkboard disaster, me, me, me herself, Countess Gasia Mikaelian, who lost her credibility long ago and acts and sounds like the buffoon she is; Mikaelian embarrasses KTVU every morning but that's nothing new.

Mike Mibach, her co-anchor doofus is not only useless and banal, but uninformed too. Take today (Friday) Doofus Mibach was mentioning some story and said, "gees my Twitter is out, wonder if there's something up with Twitter?" Well, had Mibach simply checked the news he had discovered that, yes indeed, Twitter and many other techies were having issues all morning.

Imagine this! You're sitting at a damn news operation and YOU DON'T KNOW THE NEWS? Real good, Mikey boy, that should get you a prize from the Fox henhouse.

Sal Castaneda is the only reliable talent on The Nine but unfortunately Sal's levity gets washed away by the other two's incompetence --too bad.

KTVU needs a mass deodorant of Fox germs. A TV deep-cleansing but don't hold your breath.