Monday, August 29, 2016

The White Anglo KNBR Sports Hosts from 10-1 PM Took Predictable Stands on Colin Kaepernick

Image result for KNBR Gary and Larry It was fairly predictable.

The White Anglo hosts KNBR--criticized Colin Kaepernick for his stance; perfectly their right, along with Kaepernick.

It's their reasons that especially sucked--predictable and jingoistic to the core.

The Radnich fellow said because Kaepernick collects a check from the 49ers he should keep his mouth shut. So because he collects a check he loses his First Amendment rights? Radnich is as ignorant as they come but this one takes the cake. Radnich believes because he's married to a Black woman it gives him cachet on matters of this subject.

Ali took checks.


His doofus co-host went jingoistic big time: "You salute the flag to respect ideals."  Huh? He went further. "If I were the 49ers, I'd cut his ass." Spoken like a true White Anglo who grew up in the Sunset.

Moron 2.

I don't agree with Kaepernick but I support his right to say it. He will lose millions and endorsements and he's clearly OK with that. Most of you can't stand Kap and I understand. To some degree.

I do not understand ignorant white Anglo sports hosts who don't know real life. It's old-school.

Roqui Theus Gets Unconditional Love from KPIX Morning Show Exec Producer and Staff is Ticked; Monday Opener

Image result for roqui theus
Roqui Theus
 New KPIX morning traffic anchor, Roqui Theus is getting on-the-job training; she's still flubbing her lines and is unaware of certain local landmarks (she didn't recognize the Golden Gate Bridge last week)

She's getting a little better --the law of averages helps--then again, according to a PIX spy, she's still embarrassing the morning news crew and its staff.

The source tells me:

"She is in no way shape or form qualified and I fear we are the laughing stock of Bay Area TV. This was once a respected newsroom."

Image result for brandice bailey kpix
Brandice Bailey
So, how does this continue on the CBS O and O in the nation's #6 market? Theus has curried favor--some say, suspiciously, from the morning show Executive Producer, Brandice Bailey. It is Bailey that has steadfastly stood up for Theus in spite of her numerous mistakes. Maybe there's a reason.

The source:

"Roqui lives in the same apartment as the EP, and they're  always together --'Brandice is always desperately sticking up for Roqui. It's off-putting and borderline inappropriate to say the least.'"

I've watched Theus and agree she's clearly not ready --and have said so here--I've also said much of it isnt her fault; KPIX management rushed her on the air --and now they pay the price. It's apparent they don't care about the embarrassing talk on the street. Bailey is respected in the industry but this new information doesn't make a pretty picture.

CBS honchos in NY are aware of all this and are not exactly thrilled.

We will be monitoring.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Happy Hour at 415 Media

Image result for Old-fashioned bar What they're saying at the bar Sunday Night...

Howard the attorney at Tommy's Joynt: "This Kap thing is bigger than I thought; I doubt he's on the 49ers roster when the season begins."

415 Media: Biggest sports/non-sports story of the year, so far.

Slick Sally at Original Joe's: "What's up with Ronn Owens --who was sick enough on Friday, Pat Thurston had to come in and finish the show on KGO?"

415 Media: This is not the only time it's happened. That's ominous.

Dorfman the ad guy at Oaks Card Club in Emeryville: "What the hell is going on at PIX!!?"

415 Media: Wait till what I write on Monday.

Sheila Marconi, real estate woman from Marin: "I think the new set at KGO is blasé --agree?"

415 Media: Well, I like it but it looks like a renovation of the old set. I see the same backdrop of the Bay Bridge --the weather gizmo looks decent enough.

Jimmie Duke, Irish DJ and bouncer --Quinn's Lighthouse, Oakland: "Does Bauer (Michael) only review restaurants in the city and Napa?"

415 Media: I read the Chron for the sports and Bauer's reviews and I agree with you 100%. Mike, any places in San Jose? Hayward? Get out of Healdsburg every now and then.

Last call.

Kaepernick Story Perfect for 21st Century Social Media; TV/Radio and The Internet Go Off

Image result for colin kaepernick memes I first learned of the Colin Kaepernick controversy via Deadspin early Saturday. By the middle of the day it exploded onto Twitter and Facebook --and was the lede with a center picture on the Drudge Report.

Just when you thought the story would die down, CNN anchors began discussing it with two guests via Skype with opposing viewpoints ...later, MSNBC and Fox News followed.

Mind you this was Saturday.

This is the information age we live in. And the Kaepernick brouhaha is the perfect storm --the mother of all stories especially primed for social media. I can only imagine if all of this broke during the week. I'm expecting a resurgence on Monday when both sports and news talk in the Bay Area and across the nation react to Kaepernick's stance.

I'll bet Rush Limbaugh will talk about this, so too Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and the local news talk people.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Controversy Creates Media Storm Nationally; Just Wait Until Monday

Image result for Colin Kaepernick By now, mostly everyone on the national domain knows all about the Colin Kaepernick brouhaha --or whatever you want to call it.

It's certainly created quite a storm on the Internet; it's not just a Bay Area story-- its subject matter will probably continue to percolate even further come Monday.

The radio talk-show hosts will have something gargantuan to chew on --suddenly August is no longer irrelevant.

Saturday Noshes; Comments; Stan and the Ass Man; 415 Media Needs Your Help, $eriously

Image result for Brunch in SF scene SATURDAY NOSHES

It never occurred to me that I would draw some characters here; some sort of funny and clever, some not so funny and not that clever at all.

"Stan" makes me laugh --I know he's been banned at a lot of sites in the Bay Area. But he's really no harm and at times, he cracks me up but then again, I have a warped sense of humor. Sometimes, Stan gets carried away and becomes obnoxious (like me) but overall he's good for a few laughs when the coffee is mud and the vodka is shaken, not stirred.

*The "ASS" guy I haven't quite figured out; he's definitely consistent and goes overtime way too much but his (I'm assuming he's a guy) humor is very wry if occasionally of poor taste. That said, I like him but like Stan, he doesn't know how to pick his timing or poison.

Several of you readers have complained --and I hear you--over the characters like Stan and the Ass man. For now, I'm on board but I'll use my editor skills and be more selective of their comments.

*Speaking of comments, YES, I do selectively choose what comments make the blog and comments that do not. Some of you berate me for "censoring" some comments. I said back then and I'll say now this is not a democracy here, it's a dictatorship --I don't mind, in fact, I encourage comments that disagree with my takes, but NO, heck no, will I post personal comments that are demeaning to me and/or my family. Censorship? Fine. Call it what you want.

"But Rich, you rip people every day --that's not demeaning?" --Fair point. But I usually rip people based on their style of reporting, anchoring, demeanor, etc. It can be mean but it's not personal. There are those of you that think I have some agenda --yeah, for the most part, I can't stand the state of Bay Area Media and you find it amusing (many of you at least) that I go after the lizards. By doing so I risk the wrath and venom some of them throw my way but it comes with the territory. I get it.

But you know what? No matter what I do, what I write, I'm still going to get slammed so what difference does it make? You all want positive this, positive that, yet the positive posts get fewer eyes. It's the rude shit and honesty that draws attention, I'm not breaking any news here. I've used this analogy --how many people slow down on the freeway to look at the accident and see if there's blood and a dead body--we'll, welcome to my blog, 415 Media.

*Speaking of which, I CANNOT keep this site going on mere Google advertising --I need your help, your financial help. My site keeps getting bigger and bigger; thousands of new readers every week. But as I grow my donations and subscriptions are not where they should be in order for me to keep going.

You want to rip me for "begging" for donations, be my guest. I need to survive. It's called making a living and in order to keep 415 Media sustainable, I urge you all; at least some of you to become a PAID SUBSCRIBER; If just a small sample size of you folks that read and enjoy 415 Media, were to become paid subscribers, like a hundred or so, then the pledge breaks would go away and I could breathe a little. It's that simple. A paid subscription costs $25 a year--about 2 bucks a month --that's not a big deal these days, heck how much do you pay for cable and your smart phone? I rest my case.

To those of you that have subscribed and/or donated to my site, I thank you and have said so in e-mail replies, you are my life blood and it is YOU that have helped me keep this all going, I apologize for the occasional pledge breaks but without cash, I'm history. (And some people would just as soon want to see that happen anyway but curiously, they keep coming here, what a coincidence)

I've fought off putting up a pay wall because I know there are those of you that are dealing with tough times and just making enough to pay your bills. Then again there are those of you that can afford a couple bucks a month --then allow me to continue to provide you the Media News and Commentary you look forward to --news and Inside information that you won't see or hear anywhere else.

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